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The studio is predominantly built upon two things;

amazing artwork and positive customer journey.

We understand that ‘another day at the office’ for us is actually a massively important day for each client; this is why we treat each person with the utmost care and attention.   We pride ourselves in giving our best effort and time to our client, while also creating a homely atmosphere.  This is not a meat market.  We do not rush you, or quote you per hour, however, we do try and urge our clients to be on time for their appointments as each tattoo has a certain time frame in which it can get done.

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We add the personal touch;

to you tattoo experience!

Getting a tattoo is a big decision and with our guidance we will ensure that you leave our Studio with artwork you can be proud of. We are open, honest and ethical, providing impartial, straightforward advice to help you and the design process.